I feel I’m not the same. I’m alive but something’s changed.
Like every leaf that is falling to the ground.
It’s still alive, but not the same. Oh no… oh no…
These are the times we all feel pain.
A helping hand would be nice to feel again.
For a simple man who’s down on his knees so I’m begging you please
Won’t you help me understand
Come on and shine your light on me, I need a friend to help me see
Cause every time I open my eyes
I know I don’t wanna wake up and make the same mistakes.
It happens to me all the time.
If I lie, I lose it all. If I stand or if I fall, I’ve got to lay it all on the line.
I see a child at play. I feel her struggle through each and every day.
Even though I know that you are miles away